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We Provide Quality Services

By choosing Colocone Data center to colocate your infrastructures, you instantly access a rich ecosystem of providers that can connect you securely and directly to major cloud actors.

Cloud Migration

Moves some or all of its data center capabilities
into the cloud. Migrate to the cloud of your choice,
across all leading public and private clouds.
an enhanced level of control

Colocation Services

With our colocation services you will be able
to manage anywhere and anytime with ease.
Colocone cages accommodate just about any
networking, server or storage types. From coming up
with an economical layout to making sure on-time delivery

Flexible Datacenters

We provide flexible and scalable
data center designsolutions that will fit
the exact requirements of your company.

High End Security

Our colocations are equipped with high end-security
to ensure that your data centers are not compromised
under any circumstances.


We Can Solve Your Challenges

Experience the most flexible datacenters for mission-critical infrastructure in a highly secure, efficient and reliable environment at Colocone Datacenters. Take pressure off and enjoy future-proof and agile colocation services that provide maximum flexibility and let you focus on your business.


Our 20 Gbps network is fully redundant, and is connected to multiple network providers. What that means for you is that it always stays online – no matter what happens.


Providing dedicated, secure suites where users can control their own efficiency is key. Most users don’t want to share any more than they have to and they don’t want a neighbor that can negatively affect their data center’s performance.


Every business needs to have an effective disaster recovery (DR) plan to protect against unforeseen events that can cripple the IT infrastructure which modern businesses rely on. We insure your server protection from disaster.



Grow your business with our reseller system. As much as you can sell we will reduce your price. Which will help you to compete other provider and it will increase your sale. We can provide up to 60% discount on your servers.



Network latency can be far lower with colocation, whilst reliability can be significantly higher. There is greater protection from power outages and 24/7 staff on hand should problems arise.

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